This book is the chronicle of one father’s personal journey through a dysfunctional California family court in a heart-wrenching attempt to obtain fair opportunity for equal parenting.

The author:

My court experience prompted me to write this exposé of professional malfeasance, incompetence, prejudice, judicial impropriety and how lies and deceit permeate our crippled family courts. This book is also the result of my desire to both warn and instruct. While it took me six years to write, this book offers timely information and critical assessments of that big, bad, and ugly business called family law.

In truth, family courts typically do not have the time, tools or interest to competently and fairly measure what is best for our children. In their often short-cut and unjust methods, the family court system consistently relegates fathers to the status of second-class parents and exploited citizens. Discover why family court is a misnomer for a prejudiced and broken apparatus better known as “anti-family.” A place where the purpose of deciding child custody is too often dilluted or derailed by expedient, divisive, and prescriptive methods that just make for more problems.

I offer provoking inquiry into the values that shape our society and laws, and how our system of justice and dispute resolution in divorce in particular often result in a legacy of damaged family connections. Besides telling my story, I also examine our societal ethical standards and morals, the role our courts play in the shift of our cultural values, and discusses why we are off-course. Finally, I make suggestions about what must be done to correct problems with the way we manage families, conflict and divorce.

A number of parents have contacted me about my book. They have similar stories to tell. I find that over and over, I hear from adults who have been traumatized by the family law "system," and are probably affected by PTSD and don't even know it. They seem burdened, desperate and discouraged. Sure, to think that our government conspires against us as parents and families is a horror. Hopefully, you will read this book and understand what is occuring in family courts all over America.

Give Back My Son
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